Alternative conflict resolution

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    There are people who observe how everything starts its journey in this world, develops and begins to flourish, how some species are affected by illnesses, how a part of them dies. Today it is clear that there is some force behind this invisible process – a system of solutions and laws that turned into automated behaviour some day, а system of causal relations that is often considered to be reality or faith which people attempt to affect or change.
    There are people who observe how everything interacts, what elements and relations comprise this continuous process, in which we all participate; and no one is an exception. They know how thousands of companies in different countries are created every day. Those companies seek externally totally different but basically similar, concrete goals. They notice all details, they analyze motives. On the surface there are always professionalism and competence, set in deeply in the employer’s consciousness, but not personal sympathies or passions, the magnetism of which is beyond explanation. However, is it for real or do we deal with a contradiction?

    In the headquarters of big players and business sharks hundreds of meetings are set, and not easy solutions are made, as well as significant contracts are signed. Work that brings joy and satisfaction, and also profit to investors and bankers is being done. Although sometimes, somehow, as it would be above any will and behind any logic, tiring corporate conflicts, marathons of judicial proceedings flame up, and the war of all against all begins. What makes the authorities of the companies, which were loyal just yesterday, lead the capital entrusted to them towards unnecessary public sale or auction today? What destructive forces are taking over?
    But, perhaps because of the constant fear of losing a “cushy job”, your employees lose their freedom of action and independence of decision-making and it becomes easier for them to lie. Thus, you cannot control the situation, and that is critical. And otherwise, the goal is clear, and you need an effective solution in order to stop a sales curve from going down and make it start rising up? Maybe you have a talent of financial insight but lack administrative (management) qualities to strictly and unhesitatingly fire charlatans and snipes? Then you need a piece of advice. An erosion of business ethics harms greatly the functioning of any company.

    Usually behind every result there is an ideological leader, after which on the multiple steps of a bureaucratic ladder his team lines up. When you run or open an infant business you understand that you are expected to attract new profitable clients, and nothing more. If you can’t make it in some period of time you begin to lose confidence in your personality, and then become chased by a wish to grab any offer or to make a risky step. Your employees will immediately choose the old, verified way – “will vote out with their feet”, will leave you, will be hired somewhere else, or will lure away several important clients and open their own business. It frightens. You know that success of any new business is impossible without healthy adventurism but excess of it and absence of the web of specialists can lead to a total collapse.
    It is important to note that in business, the same as in any other social environment, involuntary mixing of roles is unavoidable. A mad rhythm, uncontrollable desire of victory, revenge or competition, often possession of some inner, previous negative experience provokes conflicts in relations on all levels – inside companies and collectives, as well as outside their borders, with friends and relatives. A constant, often considered to be normal, stress turns a leader into a hostage who tries to find the answer himself and also become self-conscious by vainly correcting exterior conditions.

    We all have mind and feelings. Our mind performs two main functions – perception and analysis. A feeling inspires a human to act, to correct mistakes that are real or imaginative, to learn from them and to develop. All acquired life experience as well as negative one, sometimes brutal and unpleasant, is not forgotten, as it may seem, but is thoroughly recorded into our subconscious. When this subconscious record begins to negatively and destructively affect ourselves and the climate in our business environment, during meetings of shareholders or infinite disputes among owners and management, or when principled unwillingness and incapacity to make responsible decisions exists, unwillingly but instantly we start to notice all this. Such tendencies often become sharply visible in team and professional sports, in headquarters of political parties, where the fear of experienced defeats still obsesses and paralyzes players for a long time afterwards. A destructive reaction begins – a vicious circle. The very first wish is to do everything in order to avoid a “domino effect”. But the question is - how?
    We know that you are familiar with this situation. It is unimportant to which section of this chain personally you belong but it is absolutely clear – you are concerned about your destiny, you know for sure that a place under the sun belongs to you, you are open to the cognition of laws that rule our world and, first of all, you are open to self-cognition... You will like it (You will enjoy it!)

    Maybe you already know what a success is, what means to be desirable and wealthy and also to be an example for others. You notice that you have something that attracts and lures others, and forces to follow you? You are an extraordinary person! But what does not let us to be always like that? To be yourself, to be right here and right now? What forces do push you off the distance and make your goals unreachable by consuming your energy and zeal, your own powers, pressing you to the ground? - Luckily, we have the answer to this! All that you need to do in such cases is to entrust the search for solutions to professionals. The results will surprise you! The analysis of mentioned problems and resolution of the trickiest conflicts by revealing and eliminating their causes that always accommodate in a concrete person or collective and emanate from them is the object of research and consultation activity of our bureau – a pioneer of business analysis in the Baltic States. Deep intellectual changes that take place during analytic consultations together with the most important flashbacks that had become a basis of present life situations, reconsideration of false attitudes and models of irrational behaviour offers our clients an amazing result; it brings fullness of life to everyone who is eager to fight for his or her joy, harmony, health, pleasures and love!

    Have you noticed yourself and your troubles in these lines? Have you even felt a relief because the answer is somewhere close? Have you stopped in an unknown area; are you late for a train, have you chosen a wrong route; do you want to cancel a trip or to fly by plane? Fine! We need to evaluate your situation and choose a suitable solution.
    Your business needs to be given a push, your management – inspiration, your employees – satisfaction with a process, and your family – a man who dedicates his attention to its members but not to business troubles? You have lost self-confidence or haven’t acquired it yet? Or maybe you are still convinced that it is the environment that is guilty? The answers really exist.
    Forget about dry academic derivations, boring or even imperative lectures about correct business or its management. It is high time to get rid of illusions that somebody else knows our wishes and goals better than we ourselves. You won’t feel a “language barrier” with us – every person deserves to be heard. We employ this point of view in our team and in relations with clients. Even in the trickiest cases we are united by the wish to find the solution, compromise or alternative in order to prove once again that there are no situations with no way out.

    Our specialists evaluate a situation and offer a solution using the most reliable instruments – experience, competence, intuition and imagination. A wide spectre of knowledge, varying from commercial law and informational technologies to psychoanalysis, lets to precisely determine problematic areas and generate timely advice. We guarantee that with our help you can learn a lot of new things about yourself and the advice you receive won’t be a one-time antidote.
    The advantage of consultations is not only a possibility to become familiar with experience of our experts. By rejecting quick-fix generalizations we provide you with possibility to learn how to find solutions yourself. The experience shows that it is a priceless time investment into future where even surprises are only pleasant ones.
    And what is more... “Individual solutions“ are not a myth that always carries all the same textbook truths. Every case is individual and unique and the only universal rule that is important here is your wish to change yourself and your environment.