Alternative conflict resolution


Individual solutions

  • A leader (a director, president or members of the board)
  • Top managers
  • Owners
  • Shareholders
  • Politicians
  • Sportsmen
  • Show-business representatives (stars)
  • A leader of non-profit organizations
  • Other

    Direction – consultation of separate individuals on questions related to acceleration of companies’ growth, searching for new directions in development, also single ( ad hoc) or prolonged conflicts’ resolution, sudden stagnation of a company, creation of a reliable and stable team. It should be stressed that this segment of consultations besides internal (corporate) conflicts considers cases of external conflicts (with counteragents, competitors, and partners) as well. Even the question of sharing joy from the achieved results and defined goals is a possible object of consultations.
    Category of inner conflicts is defined by the questions of division of competence and functions between management and company owners (or other parts), trust and/or distrust, suspicion, pressing or domination, mobbing, threatening, insincerity or betrayal from employees’ side. These questions are often interlaced with problems of information leaks, disinformation of creditors or shareholders, anticipation of insolvency or bankruptcy procedures, squandering of corporate assets, and loss of reputation.
.... Or maybe everything is rather simple – somebody aims to occupy your place...
    The category of external conflicts is defined by the questions of interaction and cooperation in the external space. It can be prolonged preliminary consultations, negotiations, personal hate or an attitude of animosity, selfishness, fruitless search for compromises, dishonourable behaviour, your and your partners’ envy and also questions of extension and termination of cooperation and agreements, ambiguity of counteragents’ motives and intentions or irrational, in your opinion, behaviour of the latter. Remember, profitable deal is profitable for all. Often the object of consultation is leader’s lack of self-confidence or uncontrollable (and often unacknowledged) fear of losing the fight in the contest game.
... But maybe you are just tired of all this as a human but can’t admit, even to yourself. You are tired to live without having a holiday for five years, to get up at six o’clock and to see kids once a week... You don’t remember what a sea is, what life without a telephone or simple meetings with friends or other close people are like. Probably you need some space and topics not related to the growth of the last quarter profit, the curve of sales levels, responsibility for everybody and everywhere, business, business, business... Remember that economy as a substance of life is illness because unlimited growth doesn’t fit into our limited world, it doesn’t fit in us. It’s time to find time for yourself.. 

Collective solutions

  • A board (a collegial organ of company administration)
  • A board of observers (a collegial organ of company supervision)
  • A group or a meeting of shareholders
  • A presidium of a party
  • A sports team
  • Creative and other collectives
  • Partners for joint activity
  • Other

    Direction – consultations of collectives and teams on questions related to cooperation (interaction), results, division of competence, voting, searching of common positions, and also mediation in order to resolve corporate conflicts. Among them we find insubordination of the management or causes of its destructive behaviour. The passive attitude of one of the shareholders or members of the management that makes changes in management, innovative decision-making and in attraction of investments impossible, is often attached to this group of questions. Usually because of the statutory gaps and legally unregulated ethics, the solution of this kind of questions protracts, which puts entrusted or invested property of third parties at unjustified risk. What should you do if after buying shares of a company you find out that the leader of the company “suddenly felt ill”, leaving the company to its fate? What should you do when “somehow” there is no quorum at the meeting of shareholders or a board? How to change or assign a new leader when you have only 50 percent of shares? How to make the whole series of decisions when you are deliberately hindered? What should you do if the meeting of shareholders is a war of all against all, when an “accidental” shareholder disturbs the work of the whole company by legal actions? Practice shows that every year more and more of such questions arise, but remember, the “hard times”, when there are professional consultants nearby, are nothing more than a myth.

Family business

    Direction – solution of problems related to family business. At the beginning you were happy about it. Maybe you became the first businessman in your environment, among friends and peers. Everybody was envious, you were adored.
    From long ago family business has had many advantages. Besides traditions and secrets of ancient recipes it carries: the traditions of obedience and invisible hierarchy, old wounds, insularity and simple hatred. It happens that “a rake effect” in such “workshops“ works more precisely than watches produced in them. Sure, there are many pluses – a name, reputation, and own in-group, but what to do if it is a small ghetto? What if you have grown in it or came there not knowing or imagining any other alternatives? What if for many years you have been doing things that do not bring any joy or satisfaction? It seems to you that it is a road without a bypass line? It is a place where everybody is tired of everybody and where everybody became dependent on everybody long ago. But how to admit this? How would society, close people and family react? You are ashamed of betraying them, losing everything and becoming thrown aside by society? And what if there are three brothers in a family? Then the youngest will get the lead...  perhaps only after he is retired?
    Some people from kindergarten times are tired of wearing clothes of their elder brothers, others enjoy “wearing” their thoughts for the whole life. Some people just look at their leader, others become leaders themselves. When solving family business questions, first of all, we seek to understand the nature of the structure, and only then the functions and roles of its members. You will probably ask: “What should we do?” Usually, just not let to huff yourself, or at least become visible and focused, express your opinion and/or disapproval aloud, and sometimes just disagree, get rid of the bonds and run away…

Solutions for groups

    Direction – consulting of groups (people who are not connected by work or administrative relationship, although having common or similar aims.)
    The main object of consultations are questions directed towards understanding of wishes, values, principles and individual features of participants. The participants are taught to detect and analyze their problematic and strong sides. This allows to ease or totally to get rid of inner contradictions and conflicts that stimulates interest in new tasks and projects. Only a person who knows himself well with a help of mild correction and additional motivation can find suitable occupation, hobby, reach positive results, and share the joy of victory with close people.
    Maybe you want to be newly integrated into labour market (after a long break or a birth of children) or to change something in your life, maybe to start your own business or business with partners and friends. You have a wish but still some certainty and necessary knowledge are missing. You doubt and flounder for a long time, or you already have experience, but because of objective or personal circumstances everything has been going otherwise than it was planned? You need a second chance. We are created that way – we cannot live without favourite occupation. Sometimes recessions and defeats happen but we have to remember that the incidence angle is equal to reflection angle, and the beginning and success are somewhere close... Learn to detect possibilities, create the tomorrow yourself...


    Direction – mediation in various disputes and conflict situations, aiming at reconciliation or stated goals. Our specialists can mediate in cases when the third party is selected to be a mediator by the agreement of the both sides of the conflict. Also, consultation of only one party is possible if the advantage and selection of methods and specialists by a counteragent (other party) is obvious, and that violates the balance and the principle of the equality of parties.
    With a help of mediation real motives and intentions of parties are revealed. The advantage of this method is big savings on litigation, effectiveness of examination of disputes and conflict situations. Consultation of parties or only one party can be held in parallel with judicial examination if the case has already been examined. If as the result of mediation, the compromise or truce (peace agreement) are reached by the parties and if such decisions do not contradict the imperative norms of law, then by the request of parties a peace agreement or other procedural documents are processed.

Evaluation of projects

    Direction – consultation of companies and separate projects on questions related to the influence of various goods and services on public opinion. We have accumulated extensive experience in consulting advertising and public relations (agitation) campaigns. We will show you the shortest way towards the heart, thoughts and wishes of a customer. Things that you create and offer on the market today are unfortunately not always what customers need. How should you show them the benefits of your product, how should you bypass client’s egocentrism, how could you see precisely his dream and not a made-up image that is imposed by some company? This evaluation will let you avoid a multitude of conceptual mistakes and considerable costs, will allow you to correct your decisions. Believe us, we know people...

General information

    Main principles of our business are the search of individual solutions and understanding, satisfaction of clients’ expectations. We speak frankly with our clients but at the same time we search for the shortest and most acceptable ways. If needed, we explain possible judicial consequences and prepare required documents in order to fulfil our client’s goals. We comply with the highest ethical standards. We pay exceptional attention to non-disclosure of provided information and confidentiality of entities, applying to us. In cases of the conflict of interests we remain loyal to the client who applied first and instantly reject any offers to provide services for counteragents and/or other representatives of companies and organizations.

    More detailed information on the listed questions and consultations and also about organized seminars will be kindly provided by our bureau co-workers by phone +370 5 2451324 or personally by the address Sporto str. 3, Vilnius, also by e-mail