Alternative conflict resolution

Family business

    Direction – solution of problems related to family business. At the beginning you were happy about it. Maybe you became the first businessman in your environment, among friends and peers. Everybody was envious, you were adored.
    From long ago family business has had many advantages. Besides traditions and secrets of ancient recipes it carries: the traditions of obedience and invisible hierarchy, old wounds, insularity and simple hatred. It happens that “a rake effect” in such “workshops“ works more precisely than watches produced in them. Sure, there are many pluses – a name, reputation, and own in-group, but what to do if it is a small ghetto? What if you have grown in it or came there not knowing or imagining any other alternatives? What if for many years you have been doing things that do not bring any joy or satisfaction? It seems to you that it is a road without a bypass line? It is a place where everybody is tired of everybody and where everybody became dependent on everybody long ago. But how to admit this? How would society, close people and family react? You are ashamed of betraying them, losing everything and becoming thrown aside by society? And what if there are three brothers in a family? Then the youngest will get the lead... perhaps only after he is retired?
    Some people from kindergarten times are tired of wearing clothes of their elder brothers, others enjoy “wearing” their thoughts for the whole life. Some people just look at their leader, others become leaders themselves. When solving family business questions, first of all, we seek to understand the nature of the structure, and only then the functions and roles of its members. You will probably ask: “What should we do?” Usually, just not let to huff yourself, or at least become visible and focused, express your opinion and/or disapproval aloud, and sometimes just disagree, get rid of the bonds and run away…