Alternative conflict resolution

Individual solutions

  • A leader (a director, president or members of the board)
  • Top managers
  • Owners
  • Shareholders
  • Politicians
  • Sportsmen
  • Show-business representatives (stars)
  • A leader of non-profit organizations
  • Other

    Direction – consultation of separate individuals on questions related to acceleration of companies’ growth, searching for new directions in development, also single ( ad hoc) or prolonged conflicts’ resolution, sudden stagnation of a company, creation of a reliable and stable team. It should be stressed that this segment of consultations besides internal (corporate) conflicts considers cases of external conflicts (with counteragents, competitors, and partners) as well. Even the question of sharing joy from the achieved results and defined goals is a possible object of consultations.
    Category of inner conflicts is defined by the questions of division of competence and functions between management and company owners (or other parts), trust and/or distrust, suspicion, pressing or domination, mobbing, threatening, insincerity or betrayal from employees’ side. These questions are often interlaced with problems of information leaks, disinformation of creditors or shareholders, anticipation of insolvency or bankruptcy procedures, squandering of corporate assets, and loss of reputation.
.... Or maybe everything is rather simple – somebody aims to occupy your place...
    The category of external conflicts is defined by the questions of interaction and cooperation in the external space. It can be prolonged preliminary consultations, negotiations, personal hate or an attitude of animosity, selfishness, fruitless search for compromises, dishonourable behaviour, your and your partners’ envy and also questions of extension and termination of cooperation and agreements, ambiguity of counteragents’ motives and intentions or irrational, in your opinion, behaviour of the latter. Remember, profitable deal is profitable for all. Often the object of consultation is leader’s lack of self-confidence or uncontrollable (and often unacknowledged) fear of losing the fight in the contest game.
... But maybe you are just tired of all this as a human but can’t admit, even to yourself. You are tired to live without having a holiday for five years, to get up at six o’clock and to see kids once a week... You don’t remember what a sea is, what life without a telephone or simple meetings with friends or other close people are like. Probably you need some space and topics not related to the growth of the last quarter profit, the curve of sales levels, responsibility for everybody and everywhere, business, business, business... Remember that economy as a substance of life is illness because unlimited growth doesn’t fit into our limited world, it doesn’t fit in us. It’s time to find time for yourself...