Alternative conflict resolution

Solutions for groups

    Direction – consulting of groups (people who are not connected by work or administrative relationship, although having common or similar aims).
    The main object of consultations are questions directed towards understanding of wishes, values, principles and individual features of participants. The participants are taught to detect and analyze their problematic and strong sides. This allows to ease or totally to get rid of inner contradictions and conflicts that stimulates interest in new tasks and projects. Only a person who knows himself well with a help of mild correction and additional motivation can find suitable occupation, hobby, reach positive results, and share the joy of victory with close people.
    Maybe you want to be newly integrated into labour market (after a long break or a birth of children) or to change something in your life, maybe to start your own business or business with partners and friends. You have a wish but still some certainty and necessary knowledge are missing. You doubt and flounder for a long time, or you already have experience, but because of objective or personal circumstances everything has been going otherwise than it was planned? You need a second chance. We are created that way – we cannot live without favourite occupation. Sometimes recessions and defeats happen but we have to remember that the incidence angle is equal to reflection angle, and the beginning and success are somewhere close... Learn to detect possibilities, create the tomorrow yourself...