Alternative conflict resolution


    Direction – mediation in various disputes and conflict situations, aiming at reconciliation or stated goals. Our specialists can mediate in cases when the third party is selected to be a mediator by the agreement of the both sides of the conflict. Also, consultation of only one party is possible if the advantage and selection of methods and specialists by a counteragent (other party) is obvious, and that violates the balance and the principle of the equality of parties.
    With a help of mediation real motives and intentions of parties are revealed. The advantage of this method is big savings on litigation, effectiveness of examination of disputes and conflict situations. Consultation of parties or only one party can be held in parallel with judicial examination if the case has already been examined. If as the result of mediation, the compromise or truce (peace agreement) are reached by the parties and if such decisions do not contradict the imperative norms of law, then by the request of parties a peace agreement or other procedural documents are processed.