Alternative conflict resolution

Collective solutions

  • A board (a collegial organ of company administration)
  • A board of observers (a collegial organ of company supervision)
  • A group or a meeting of shareholders
  • A presidium of a party
  • A sports team
  • Creative and other collectives
  • Partners for joint activity
  • Other

    Direction – consultations of collectives and teams on questions related to cooperation (interaction), results, division of competence, voting, searching of common positions, and also mediation in order to resolve corporate conflicts. Among them we find insubordination of the management or causes of its destructive behaviour. The passive attitude of one of the shareholders or members of the management that makes changes in management, innovative decision-making and in attraction of investments impossible, is often attached to this group of questions. Usually because of the statutory gaps and legally unregulated ethics, the solution of this kind of questions protracts, which puts entrusted or invested property of third parties at unjustified risk. What should you do if after buying shares of a company you find out that the leader of the company “suddenly felt ill”, leaving the company to its fate? What should you do when “somehow” there is no quorum at the meeting of shareholders or a board? How to change or assign a new leader when you have only 50 percent of shares? How to make the whole series of decisions when you are deliberately hindered? What should you do if the meeting of shareholders is a war of all against all, when an “accidental” shareholder disturbs the work of the whole company by legal actions? Practice shows that every year more and more of such questions arise, but remember, the “hard times”, when there are professional consultants nearby, are nothing more than a myth.